MIA + oatmeal

Phew, I haven’t posted in more than a week, huh? Quite a lot of changes in life recently and I haven’t been able to sit down quietly to collect my thoughts until now! I’m glad I haven’t been completely unproductive though… I finally applied for the Cosmetic Technique and Management course I wanted to do […]

quick post: baby carrots

So yesterday, I picked up two bags of baby carrots because they were buy-one-get-one free – gotta love them deals! Little did I know, I’d get home and find the following: Initial thoughts… That. Is not a baby carrot. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!! This must be one of the longest baby carrots ever. Searched online and […]

healthy living

Since I moved back to Canada, I can’t deny any longer that I’ve packed on quite a few pounds (try 10lbs). I can SEE my face and body getting chubbier 😦 So, in all honesty, for vanity reasons more than anything, I started to pay more attention to my diet and be more mindful of […]

here we go again

Funny how I ended up here again… It started off with seeing a friend liking a picture on instagram of someone receiving a cheque from Google AdSense. Out of curiosity (and desperation, due to the lack of job), I tried to find out how I can be part of this program. Turns out you need […]