back in commission!

Phew… I finally got a new phone! I guess in the end, I went back to Sony and got the Xperia Z (to which I have affectionately names xbehria z)! It’s a little bigger than I imagined but the phone itself just looks… So sleek. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight… Had a few things to get used to but now I can feel the chemistry working between us. Ha.

So I guess I shall be resuming my posts as soon as I go snap some photos 🙂 Also got a few baking endeavors planned so hopefully that works out!

Oh yeah, I’m back in Hong Kong for the month, while I figure some things out. It is ridiculously HOT here. The heat is magnified especially when compared to Canada, where it was snowing and under 10*C when I left… I guess there is merit to the heat though, since everyday that I’ve been back, I feel like I’m sweating off some fat. “Eww” right? But hey, whatever works! I can already feel the pounds shedding … Haha.


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