milestone birthday + pwnage by a can of soup

I’ve never been big on birthdays. Just because I build up so much expectation for it to be a “special” day that I end up being disappointed… (Signs of a closet narcissist :P)… Anyhow, I planned to help my previous supervisor with her side business (yes, I wanted to work on my birthday). Nothing complicated, just handling some orders for shipping. If you’re interested in affordable cosmetic brushes and beauty products, you can check out their website. I met up with her for lunch, fully expecting that we’d be working together afterwards. Then she informs me that she was going to leave me at the office to go do something else, to which I shamelessly protested, “I can’t believe you’re going to leave me all by myself on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!”

Turns out she didn’t realise it was my birthday, even though I’ve probably mentioned it at least ten times during the week (haha, so rejected…). So in the end, we both went back to the office to pack stuff. After that, she let me tag along with her to the facial place ’cause I wanted to see Ava. It was nice to be able to chill for a bit! Also made friends with the facial boss lady and she offered to give me a free facial… I was so touched.

Quickly headed home for dinner post-beautification (bleurgh) – surprisingly my dad cancelled his prior engagements to have dinner with me. Probably felt bad for missing dinner yesterday, when we purposely moved the date for him. My dad drove me to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients and I whipped up a simple dinner. First time I cooked for my family… Too bad my brother wasn’t here! Then we had the whole obligatory birthday cake shebang … Complete with picture-taking, out-of-tune singing, candle-blowing and ceremonial cake cutting. Uhhhh, I guess before you get too bored from reading… Here are some pictures from dinner:

blueberry cucumber spinach salad with vanilla balsamic dressing

blueberry cucumber spinach salad with a honey vanilla balsamic dressing

whole wheat spaghetti with chicken, mushrooms, red peppers and onions tossed in a garlic olive oil sauce

whole wheat spaghetti with chicken, mushrooms, red peppers and onions tossed in a garlic olive oil sauce

Earl Grey chiffon cake from Smile!

Earl Grey chiffon cake from Smile!
(quite tasty, albeit a little dry)

Now that I’ve turned 25, I thought it was a good time to change and become a (more) responsible adult. So to display my debut into adulthood, I decided to put away the groceries that we bought. But I didn’t stop there. I decided to rearrange all the canned soup, moving the older ones to the front and putting the new ones in the back. Responsibility, with an extra mile, right there.

Alas, getting older doesn’t automatically mean you become wiser. Or less clumsy in this case. A can of soup slipped out of my hand and dropped right onto my foot. Absolute pwnage. Of course there was the inevitable pain, blood and bruising, but what I find peculiar is how it managed to only hit my middle toe, leaving all the others unscathed… Had to cancel all my planned engagements today because I can only limp around. SIGH.

Anyhow, what a birthday I’ve had this year! Definitely a day you find out who holds you dear to their hearts, and also those who secretly hate you.

Dang you, Campbell (soup).


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